Annotate is an ergonomic image annotation tool for the natural sciences. It allows you to perform physical and identification measurements in digitized herbarium plates, zoology, paleontology and other images.

Using tags to classify images and measurements with library management, it also allows you to finely organize your various projects and campaigns.

Linked to the Explore tool, it can import images directly with their metadata from the 10 million specimens in the RECOLNAT database to measure and annotate them.

You can also work with images taken with a camera in the field, Annotate being able to work without an Internet connection. Finally, the results of the measurements and annotations can be used in the LibreOffice and Excel spreadsheets. By July 2019, he will be able to work with Xper. In summary, Annotate is the ideal tool to quickly conduct your studies on series of boards.

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Current Release

version 1.9.56

Annotate v1.9.56 Windows
Annotate v1.9.56 MacOSX
Annotate v1.9.56 Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS

Older Releases

version 1.9.55

Annotate v1.9.55 Windows
Annotate v1.9.55 MacOSX
Annotate v1.9.55 Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS

version 1.9.50

Annotate v1.9.50 Windows
Annotate v1.9.50 MacOSX

It's free download, however you must cite the tool in your scientific results by mentioning: RECOLNAT (ANR-11-INBS-0004)
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